Promoting Mobile Wallet Accounts: NADRA To Reduce Verification Charges at Rs 10 For Cellcos

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has pledged to reduce significantly the verification charges for cellular phone companies to open up mobile wallet accounts of the customers. The previous charges varies from Rs 35 to Rs 50 depending on cellcos to banks differently however the central bank convinced the database authority to play its role for the promotion of mobile wallet accounts in the country, which will lead significantly to financial inclusion in the national economy. In this regard, the MOU was signed between Governor SBP and Chairman NADRA in Islamabad reducing the verification cost to Rs.10 for each m-wallet account opening at industry level. This initiative will reduce transaction costs of banks and clients and strengthen customer identification & verification procedure leading to acceleration growth in opening up mobile accounts. Governor State Bank of Pakistan Ashraf Mahmood Wathra highlighted that high level of financial exclusion has led our society to…

Moody Indicates Mobilink’s Results Strong For B2 rating

As Mobilink’s results are going to be announced in coming days, strong expectations have been shown by Moody’s Investors as optimistic and strong for attaining B2 rating level. But operator’s B2 corporate family rating remains constrained by a two-notch differential with the Caa1 sovereign rating to reflect the macroeconomic and financial market risk that the company shares with the sovereign.mobilink telecom recorder “We estimate that Mobilink’s leverage, as measured by adjusted debt/EBITDA, improved to about 1.1x in FY2013, from 1.8x in FY2012, due largely to the repayment of debt,” says Yoshio Takahashi, a Moody’s Assistant Vice President and Analyst. “However, we expect its adjusted debt/EBITDA to rise to 1.8x-2.0x in FY2014 to finance the 3G spectrum payment of $300.9 million. Nevertheless, this ratio will remain strong for its B2 rating,” adds Takahashi, who is also the Lead Analyst for Mobilink. “Moreover, its leverage should decline to 1.5x-1.7x in FY2015, given…

Ufone Extends Free 3G Trial Offer

Ufone, after successfully launching free 3G trial services in Lahore, Islamabad / Rawalpindi and Karachi has extended the date of the trial 3G services from 10th May, for a few more days. Expressing his views regarding the offer, GM Marketing at Ufone, Mr. Taimur Faiz Cheema said, “It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are extending the free 3G trial services up on popular demand by the customers, for a few more days. Now, Ufone family members will be able to experience the free 3G services for an extended period.” Ufone with its track record of innovation, distinguished itself from other operators, by being the first one to launch and offer free trials of 3G services in Pakistan, providing seamless and uninterrupted connectivity and ultra-fast speeds to woo its customers.

PTCL, Not PTA is Against of VoIP

There are several players in the world of wireless communication that are operating in Pakistan but when it comes to fixed line services there is only one name. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the major telecommunication carrier that holds lion share in landline markets in the country.shift-ptcl-landline-telephone It was founded in 1947 and like every other public organization this industry it met with its fate. It progressed for few decades but later its progress graph kept going down the hill and the incompetent government had no answer to that. Finally in 2005 the government auctioned its shares and Etisalat (a U.A.E. based telecommunication service provider and the highest bidder) bought 26% of them. Although Etisalat has a hand full of its shares but there are rumors around that they are the one who pull the strings. In most of the countries all over the world you have a choice…