10 Best Web Apps for Your Chrome Browser


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Apps is a word bandied about everywhere: in offices, at teen sleepovers, play dates, ladies lunches; you name it. That’s because there are so many apps on the web, designed for every type of user. Google Chrome users have it really good. When you open a new tab, the Chrome Web Store button is seen at the bottom right corner. Click on it and your screen is flooded with apps for all ages and purposes: education, games, sports, business, lifestyle and more. You can view the apps category wise too. I am a Chrome fan, I just love the ease of use the browser has. Here are my favorite ten apps:

1. Evernote: This app is like your very own personal assistant. You can save all of your thoughts and ideas and experiences, and access them from anywhere. You can make lists, set reminders, and also add audio, video and web pages to it.

2. Google Finance: You can get quotes from stock exchanges and track stock performance, charts, news from the financial world, convert currencies, and also track your own portfolio with this app.

3. Tourist Eye Planner: Use this app to plan your jaunt on the internet. Then you can download it to your Android or iPhone, or even in PDF form. With this user friendly app, you can plan your detailed tour itinerary.

4. The NY Time app: Now read the NY Times right from your Chrome browser. Get the latest headlines, and full color photos to boot! Easy navigation and shortcut keys make using this app a breeze.

5. iPiccy: This is a cool app that lets you edit and refurbish photos; you can add effects like liquefy, vignette and so on. It’s also compatible with Mac and Linux.

6. Google Calendar: This app lets you share your schedules with your co-workers, sync with your desktop applications like Outlook and work offline when you have no web access.

7. Google Hangout: lets you chat with up to 9 people simultaneously; now you can chat with your entire family or group of friends. You can also watch videos and play games with your friends using this app.

8. Angry Birds: This app of course needs no introduction; the craze it has unleashed among ‘netizens’ has made it a legend.

9. HootSuite: This app will help you update your status; track your friends’ activities, and more, across multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.

10. Until AM: For music lovers and DJs, this app will give wings to the turntable dreams. Scratch vinyl, adjust playback speed, and add effects, all like a real DJ. Bring on the party!

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