PTCL, Not PTA is Against of VoIP


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There are several players in the world of wireless communication that are operating in Pakistan but when it comes to fixed line services there is only one name. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the major telecommunication carrier that holds lion share in landline markets in the country.shift-ptcl-landline-telephone

It was founded in 1947 and like every other public organization this industry it met with its fate. It progressed for few decades but later its progress graph kept going down the hill and the incompetent government had no answer to that. Finally in 2005 the government auctioned its shares and Etisalat (a U.A.E. based telecommunication service provider and the highest bidder) bought 26% of them. Although Etisalat has a hand full of its shares but there are rumors around that they are the one who pull the strings.

In most of the countries all over the world you have a choice to pick your fixed line service provider. This gives you more options to pick the most suitable service provider to your needs. Unfortunately, unlike other countries, you do not have such cushion and luxury in Pakistan. You are bound to have your land line service from PTCL in all big cities.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the most recent and leading technology where you can use your internet connection for voice communication. According to one report by June 2012 there have been 143.2 million VoIP subscribers around the globe. Unites States has the most followed by Japan and France. The same report also states that in the 2nd quarter of 2012 the growth of VoIP subscribers went to 2.3%. The reason that most of the developing countries are switching to VoIP is because it is much cheaper compared to your regular PSTN service. It just costs a few pennies to call someone anywhere in the world. This kind of service can be a relief for a common man but the Pakistan government does not believe in that. Our government likes to suck each and every hard earned penny out of your pocket and leave you out of your misery. That is why they have blocked VoIP services in Pakistan and has made sure that no one uses it.

Reports say that it is not the Pakistan government that is against the VoIP service it is Etisalat who does not want to be challenged. Etisalat knows that if they let VoIP service flourish in Pakistan and U.A.E. they will have to face some steep competition which they most likely will lose. In other words Etisalat is the real puppet master, who pulls PTA’s strings and gets the job done according to their liking. What could be a better way to win a war when it is in your own backyard and you make the rules and do not even give your weak and crippled opponent a fair chance?

In a generic scenario PTA should be the higher authority and PTCL (other mobile service providers) should follow its guide lines but it seems the other way around. There is a clear indication that PTA is controlled by PTCL which is owned by Etisalat.

This is one of the reasons that now a days PTA has been blocking suspicious IPs left and right. They are trying to send a statement out here that not to mess with our lordsor we will smoke you down. Recently PTA claimed that they have blocked 200,000 IPs. Seems like PTA likes to bully around harass ISPs and their customers. One way or the other but it is the PTCL who has been running the show and they are unstoppable.

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