Users Beware: Facebook Spreading Heinous Crimes in Society, FIA says


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Facebook is becoming a criminals’ network in Pakistan unfortunately with increasing number of incidents reported including blackmailing, fraud and financial scams, which is evident as 163 complaints have been received in the year 2013 alone by Federal Investigative Agency (Cyber Crime Unit).

The accused criminals involved in anti-social activities are not others but close relatives and friends of victims in most of the cases that also cause hindrance in taking legal action against culprit because affected people are reluctant to lodge case in police station or at FIA for avoiding defame within circles of family and friends.

Many young girls and boys are becoming victim of these crimes due to carelessness and over romantic attitude, this was stated by Asim Iftikhar Additional Director Federal Investigation Agency in an interview to Telecom Recorder.

Majority of the culprits hook up victims through Facebook and blackmail them to share their fabricated or real pictures on the social media in order to get details of credit cards and online banking.

In this way, they looted money from victims’ accounts to their accounts easily and kept threatening victims not to take any action that could be result of disclosure of their private affairs at the public.

These culprits are mostly friends and relatives of victims through impersonation on Facebook.

Moreover, there have been cases reported that beautiful girls attracted youngsters on Facebook and cheated them to pave the way towards their kidnapping for ransom.

FIA Director said that agency is investigating 34 cases registered under cyber crime but there have been no conviction done so far.

He advised that youngsters should be cautious sharing their details on Facebook and avoiding adding unknown person as friend for romantic appeal.

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