Voice Creating Market With Xtreme Octa Core


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Voice, Pakistan’s one of the leading mobile handset brand, is creating its market with its high-end smartphone handset since its launch back in February this year with overwhelm response that could prove a breakthrough for the company to make new customers in the fastest growing and highly competitive market.

The handset is believed to be the first or among the starters with Octa Core series having blazing fast performance and a sleek design that sets it apart from the rest.

Loaded with an Octa-Core processor, Voice Xtreme X5’s 2GB of RAM ensures higher performance without any hiccups. Guaranteeing your online presence no matter wherever you are, now experience a faster web browsing on Voice X5, with a smoother user interface.

Xtreme Octa Core Best of 3G-4G

Launch before the arrival of 3G and 4G in the country, the handset is all set now for user of young generation adopting fastest the Next Generation Technologies on their handsets but it is equally helpful for professionals heavily rely on internet to be connected online 24/7 via their mobile handsets.

Digital Media

A great mobile handset offers an every moment opportunity to its selfie lovers. It has 5MP front camera best for photo lovers and those people who getting to make video calls.

Besides, the handset is installed with a high-end 13 MP Camera on Voices Xtreme X5 that allows you to take the most striking events of your life and lets you quickly share them with your friends.

The video capturing facility is typical though but customers have to arrange the darkness and brightness to film any event with X5 set.

Mobile Apps

The OS platform is the latest Andriod Kitkat but the handsets have been provided their customers with extremely best applications already downloaded which are equally useful for people of all walk of life including youth segment to professionals.

The mobile handset contains apps like downloader, filefolders, video call options and religious books such as Sahi Bukari.


X5 is energy efficient as gives its customers relief of using long hours after charging its once optimally. Though depending on the utility of customers, it is enough to charge it once in a whole day.

The handset is equipped with superior gaming and efficient video playback. It has

Availability and Price

The handset is available at Rs 29,800 in the market if a customer is fortunate one to have access in the big market however he has to pay more after the sets sales picked up huge demand in big cities.

The First, The Fastest, Voice Octa-Core X5! The handset is one of the best among its peers and different brands including updating features.

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